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Prometheus Trust Lecture: Damascius - Dialectic and Divine Riddles lecture by Tim Addey

08 May 2012

Did you know...

BRLSI Young Researchers December 12th

Caroline (left) and Marie led the workshop. It was about

'How to ask an accurate and relevant question'. Without the

careful framing of a useful question, conducting research

is difficult if not impossible.

So we set out to find the 'best' paper aeroplane.

But no one thought to ask 'What does best mean?'

Was it the plane that flew longest, highest, fastest,

in the most interesting flight path,or was elegant or....?

So that piece of reserach was flawed. We had several

different answers. And what did we want to find out?

Each of us had different ideas. Hmmmm...

We discussed this in our groups with our mentors. Research is

not straight forward. It needs a great deal of planning.

We worked with our mentors.

We are beginning to understand the process now we have to put it

into practice.


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