The Bath Literary and Scientific Institution (the 'Royal' part came later) was founded in 1824, but was a direct descendant of Bath societies going back to the 1770s. Our first home was a purpose-built building near Bath Abbey which made way for a 20th-Century road scheme, and we now live in Queen Square, on a site originally the home of Dr William Oliver, inventor of the Bath Oliver biscuit and a key figure in Bath's early 18th-Century development.

In this section you will find a history of the BRLSI and its forerunners in Bath, from 1777 to 2002, plus articles on some of the more influential members and residents:

Bath Agricultural Society

Bath Philosophical Societies

BRLSI - a Chronological History

Joseph Priestley: the man who discovered Oxygen

William Smith: Father of English Geology

Leonard Jenyns: the Darwin Connection

Other notable members