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Transport Infrastructure Transport December 2004
What is Religion? Philosophy December 2004
Alexander the Great’s Successors: in defence of the Hellenistic period Antiquities December 2004
Bureaucracy Economics November 2004
Dolphin Sonar Science November 2004
What is Performance Poetry? Poetry November 2004
‘The Secret of the Sphinx’: What makes Wuthering Heights unique in English Literature? Literature and Humanities November 2004
Hong Kong: Riding the Dragon World Affairs November 2004
The Maintenance of Heritage Buildings Transport November 2004
Proust & the Nature of Memory Philosophy November 2004
The Art of Losing: Elizabeth Bishop (1911-1979) Poetry October 2004
The Cultural Context of the Fleury Playbook: liturgy & drama in a corner of 12th century France Music October 2004
Microbial Life Under Glaciers Science October 2004
Politics before Feminism Literature and Humanities October 2004
Penguin Books: the Allan Lane Years Literature and Humanities October 2004
Personal Identity as a Philosophical Problem Philosophy October 2004
War in Uganda World Affairs September 2004
Youth Power & Peace in the Music of the Spheres Music September 2004
Sustainable Communities or Government Panic? Transport September 2004
Multiple Sclerosis: Stem Cells to Repair the Brain? Science September 2004
Wendy Cope: The River Girl: A rehearsed reading Poetry September 2004
Re-Assessing Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions Philosophy September 2004
SHORT DEBATES Economics July 2004
Education: the next five years Current Affairs July 2004
The American Museum: Its History & Collections Lunchtime Lecture Series July 2004