Postgraduate Series

Acanthodiformes family
Actinopterygii family


Visualizing the Unseen: The role of analogy in physics

Meeting chaired by Phil Cooke

Ciara Muldoon

Department of Psychology, University of Bath

8 July 2005


Physicists often use analogy when trying to understand, or to explain, a physical process. The speaker will discuss the advantages and dangers, as revealed by her research.


Biomimetics: learning from nature

Meeting chaired by Andy Pepperdine

Thomas Hesselberg

Centre for Biomimetics & Natural Technologies

Dept of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bath

17 June 2005

Biomimetics is a new interdisciplinary field that identifies potential useful processes & mechanisms in biological systems & organisms & imitates them in engineering systems. A brief introduction is given to biomimetics, followed by a case study involving the potential use of locomotion systems from marine worms in self-moving endoscopes.


Development of a Novel Hydro-Pneumatic Active Suspension

Meeting chaired by Phil Cooke

Bo Gao

Research PhD student, Dept of Mechanical Engineering University of Bath

25 May 2005

1. Introduction to vehicle suspensions

Introduction: As one of the most important systems in a vehicle the suspension is a major focus of automotive engineers. Suspension is the term given to the system of shock absorbers and springs as well as linkages, which connect a vehicle to its wheels. Its main functions are: