University of Bath - Co-Creation Workshop: An Arts Based Approach to Decolonising Knowledge Production

02 March 2020

Hosted by the University of Bath’s Co Creation team, this workshop brings together experts from various disciplinary and geographic contexts to explore ‘Co Creation’ as a new way of decolonising knowledge production through arts based methods Co Creation uses art as a mediator to create ‘places of dissensus’ where dominant discourses can be questioned and challenged taking into account ‘ voices that are usually silenced.

Deeply anchored in a decolonial perspective, Co Creation is interested in involving ‘ communities in knowledge production Civil society actors such as grassroots movements, local associations, and national and international NGOs situated at the forefront of the creation of a new public sphere, are therefore important collaborators in Co Creation projects Collaboration on an equal footing with these politically engaged actors is only possible if academics adopt an emphatic approach and let go of their control over research agendas and methods of knowledge generation.

The participants of this event will draw on a range of practical experiences in the Global North and Global South to investigate Co Creation’s potential to produce new synergies between academics, artists and communities across disciplinary boundaries They will explore through a series of case studies based in Bath, Rio de Janeiro and Mexico City whether Co Creation can create agonistic spaces which open ‘cracks in the system’ to ‘allow us, through imagination and the emotions they evoke, to participate in new experiences and to establish forms of relationships that are different from the ones we are used to’ Mouffe 2013 97 The
workshop will allow participants to discuss how agonistic understanding supported by artistic practice can bring together differing viewpoints and ‘ways of knowing’, from both academic and non academic perspectives and lead to practical and potentially transformative change.

2:00 - 5:45pm

Info: [email protected]