**Video** Determinism and Free Will

11 August 2020


 It seems that fundamental particles, electromagnetic radiation and the whole of matter behave in a way that follows natural laws. If this is true, a later state will always be a result of an earlier state and nothing else. This will include the activity of the nerve cells in our brains.

 It would seem that everything is predetermined. Even before a criminal is born, it was inevitable that he was going to commit his crime. All of our life events are predetermined.

 Does that mean that criminals should not be punished and that there is no point in striving for any kind of success or being careful to avoid accidents? In fact, it does not, and the reason is an apparent paradox, which can be resolved with a little bit of analysis.


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You can watch the video of the lecture by clicking on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuD3NITg860&t=24s

Dr Don Cameron, BRLSI