**Live** Leading through COVID

The challenge of being a Responsible and Trustworthy Leader through prolonged crisis

09 March 2021

Few in business had predicted the COVID pandemic and leaders found themselves thrown into unprecedented uncertainty and anxiety. Veronica interviewed 44 senior leaders from 20 major employers from June to August 2020 about their experience. She subsequently published a report which tells the stories of these senior executives in the early stages of COVID. It describes how they found a way of “leading in a fog” whilst trying to maintain their responsibility to society, their customers and employees and their shareholders. In so doing many revealed an empathetic and human style of leadership which had been hidden until this time. Veronica will also share her thoughts about the continuing and exacting challenges for CEOS and others in the year ahead’


Professor Veronica Hope Hailey, University of Bath


Visitors £5, Members and Students £2

Professor Veronica Hope Hailey, University of Bath
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