**Live** Women in Science - Mary Anning, her Life and her Work

11 January 2021

This talk will cover the life of Mary Anning and her family at Lyme Regis. It will also include the major fossil finds that made Mary famous and her interactions with the famous scientists of her day who were interested in her fossil finds in the golden age of British Geology. They included William Buckland, Sir Henry de la Beche, and William Conybeare. At the time fossils were thought to be useful for curing rheumatism and sore eyes. Mary was elected an honorary member of the Geological Society of London in 1848 although as a woman she was not eligible for full membership. Mary was elected a local hero of science by the Royal Society in 2009 and has been the inspiration for countless novels and children’s books and in Lyme Regis Mary Anning Day was celebrated on 4th October 2009.


Image credit:  Mary Anning by Zooey, Creative Commons


Visitors £5, Members and Students £2

Dr Ann Pulsford,
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