**Video** John Padmore

Ingenious eighteenth century engineer & polymath working in the Avon Valley & South Wales, a century before the arrival of Brunel & the Great Western Railway

20 August 2020

In the early 18th century John Padmore was at the centre of engineering innovation in the Avon Valley and South Wales. He built Ralph Allen's railway, used to transport stone from Combe Down to the River Avon at Dolemeads in Bath; the cranes at Dolemeads, used to lift stone from Ralph Allen’s Wharf onto boats, as well as the Great Crane in Bristol used to load and offload sea-going ships.

Dr. Tony Coverdale will outline Padmore's exceptional career, especially in the Bath and Bristol areas.


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John Padmore the Younger c.1734 by Johen van Diest (1695 to 1757) [Courtesy of the Victoria Art Gallery, Bath]

Anthony Coverdale,