Bath Wildlife

BRLSI and Bath Natural History Society, with help from the local Biological Record Centres at Bristol (BRERC) and Devizes (WSBRC), are accumulating an illustrated guide to local wildlife. Bath Wildlife group was formed to provide assistance in the form of workshops, for those interested in studying or recording local plants and animals. Facilities exist for you to record your observations and once they are confirmed they are made available to the general public. More info.

Meetings are at 7:30 pm unless indicated otherwise.

Programme for 2019

Thursday 27 June: Bats & Bat-detecting - Amy Coulthard, Avon Wildlife Trust

Thursday 25 July: Docks and Knotweeds - Rob Randall

Thursday 29 August: Planning meeting - CANCELLED

Thursday 26 September: Planning meeting

Thursday 31 October: Workshop TBA

Thursday 28 November: Planning meeting

Programme for 2020

Saturday 18 January (2:15 pm): Workshop - Bog Life