Richard Phillips B.Sc., M.Sc.,FRAS, William Herschel Society, on 5 April 2002

Using a laptop computer with its display projected on a screen and connected to the Internet, the speaker took the audience surfing. He divided the sites into nine classifications that would interest people from those with a casual interest in astronomy to the more active amateur observer.


• Pictures from major observatories - Hubble Space Telescope and `Astronomical Picture of the Day', etc.


• Astronomical magazines accessible through the Internet.

• Information on modern big telescopes including access to robotic telescopes via the Internet.

• Local suppliers of astronomical telescopes and equipment.

• Observing aids - sites giving up-to-date information on aurorae, comets, space weather etc.

• Links to sites dealing with spaceflight - NASA, International Space Station transit forecasts etc.

• Organisations such as the BAA, IAU Central Bureau, Royal Observatory Greenwich.

• Television, radio programme sites dealing with astronomy.

• Access to UCL Library Resources which links with many other astronomical Internet sites not covered in the demonstration.

Some members of the audience suggested sites which they enjoyed and these were explored.

Following the demonstration, the speaker sent a copy of the links he had compiled, by e-mail, to those who had Internet access and were interested in receiving them:

01 Pictures

Anglo-Australian Observatory astronomical images -

Hubble site -


SOHO images -images.html


Astronomy Picture of the Day

ESA Science SOHO /index.cfm?aid=14&cid=12&oid=12302"


02 Magazines


Sky and Telescope magazine — home page

Astronomy Now home page


03 Telescopes - robotic


Space Today Online - Deep Space Astronomy Telescopes — Nassau Astronomical Station

Space Today Online - Deep Space Astronomy Telescopes — Nassau Astronomical Station


bradford -robotic -telescope

mike otis remote robotic cyber space telescope modern astronomy sky links otm observatory techn

Large Telescopes

Gemini Observatory Web site

Hubble Space Telescope European Coordinating Facility


04 Suppliers


scs astro - telescopes, binoculars, ccd cameras & weather stations -

05 Observing aids

Comets currently visible\1"1999S"

ESO online digitised sky survey

Hipparcos Catalogue Plot /Hipparcos/hiparcos/SelectArea.html

Your Sky -

Aurora Watch

Comet Ephemerides — News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids -

06 Spaceflight

NASA human space flight -

Human Space Flight (HSF) - realtime data

The Hipparcos Space Astrometry Mission /Hipparcos/hipparcos.html

07 Organisations

AAVSO - American Association Of Variable Star Observers -

Wiruna - The ASNSW's Dark-Sky Observing Site -

British Astronomical Association home page

IAU Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams

The Royal Observatory Greenwich

08 Television-Radio

BBC - Final Frontier

09 Information

UCL Library Astronomy Internet resources

Analytical Graphics Inc., creators of Satellite Tool Kit, software for the Aerospace Industry -

Richard Phillips