Energising Change - Creating What You Want

Rachel Brushfield, New Product Marketing Consultant and Life Coach, on 21 March 2002

Lunchtime Lecture


In the USA, coaching is the 2nd fastest growing market after Information Technology. Research by The Industrial Society shows that, in business for example, individuals who receive training become 25% more productive, whereas people who receive both training and coaching become 85% more productive, a significant increase.


So why is this? Well, coaching is tailored to the specific needs of each individual, leading to greater results and faster sustained change. Coaching is highly practical with goal setting and is focused on the present and moving forward, with the individual coming up with their own solutions -so it's highly empowering and energising.

The coach acts as a supportive and objective sounding board, asking powerful questions, listening and reflecting back key issues, giving the client time, space and support to help them get clear about what they want to change and how to make it happen.

Change is perhaps the one thing in life that we can be certain of, so why not manage it on your terms rather than let it happen to you? Energy goes where your attention is and, as energy is a universal thing, all manner of people and things will come into your life to help you achieve want you want!

Coaching has many benefits, including reduced stress, improved time management, better work/life balance, greater clarity, increased confidence and fulfilment, heightened self knowledge and the faster achievement of clear goals, whether in life, career or business.
Jean Brushfield