AI: Economic salvation or societal peril?

23 April 2018    Artificial Intelligence - Economic Salvation or Societal Peril?

                          Mark Purdy Managing Director, Accenture Research

For a long time this question was of the stuff of science fiction. But now dramatic advances in machine sensing, robotics, and machine learning make it a very real and urgent one.

Against a background of ageing populations and declining productivity growth, artificial intelligence is increasingly seen as way to kick-start economic growth and bolster national competitive advantage. Our research shows that the economic gains are very sizable across countries and industries. But many fear that AI will also lead to widening inequality, the displacement of jobs and an erosion of individual identity as the concept of work itself changes. What can businesses and policymakers do, individually and collectively, to make AI a force for both economic and social progress? How can we build in the right frameworks and safeguards ahead of time? How can businesses, governments and society forge a ‘Digital New Deal’ that allies economic prosperity with social progress?

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