Stone or Bullet Crossbow, England 19th century

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Designed to shoot a pellet of stone or lead this type of crossbow was intended for sporting use. Although first used in the 14th century they saw a strong revival in England during the early 19th century and Lancashire was one of the noted regions for the production of stonebows.

The BRLSI crossbow is signed on the folding rear sight Foster, Preston. The bow strings (missing) are first drawn back using a folding lever which is neatly concealed and stored in the stock. Although the wooden stock is shaped like a gun there is no trigger. Instead the shooter fires the bow by pressing a dome-shaped button with his thumb. A folding front and rear sight helps the shooter aim.

John Foster, Preston, Lancashire - Crossbow maker

23 Church St. 1797; Lord St. 1810; 23 Church St. 1827

Catalogue no: FA045