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Shadows and Light: Bath in Camera 1849–1861

Early rare photographs by Rev Francis Lockey

This beautifully illustrated book has the earliest paper negatives of Bath and the surrounding areas by the pioneering photographer Reverend Lockey, who lived in Swainswick Cottage (which still survives) where he built a photographic printing studio.

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Adelard of Bath, The First English Scientist

The extraordinary achievements of a 12th century scholar

Adelard of Bath was a twelfth-century scholar and the first English scientist, known for his important translations of scientific treatises from the Arabic and for his own innovative scientific work.

This reprint of the rare 1994 book by Louise Cochrane is supplemented with recent research studies on Adelard’s innovations and scientific work.

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Innovation and Discovery

Bath and the rise of science

This book, with William Smith’s famous map on the cover and a foreword by Sir Patrick Moore, is described in the ‘Notes and Records of The Royal Society’ as “Richly illustrated and referenced, with a full gazetteer of Bath’s scientists and their local residences, landmarks and connections, it offers an intersection of local and scientific histories …” and brings to light the contribution of Bath “… to the formations of science itself.”

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Leonard Jenyns, Darwin’s Lifelong Friend

A Victorian naturalist and his world

The story of the Victorian naturalist Leonard Jenyns, whose life was closely entwined with that of his lifelong friend, Charles Darwin. In 1831 Jenyns had turned down the opportunity to accompany Captain Fitzroy as the ship’s naturalist on the famous voyage of the Beagle – an opportunity which then fell to the young Darwin. Following the publication of On the Origin of Species, when Darwin’s ideas on the nature of evolution proved highly controversial, he derived strength from Jenyns’ support. With original sketches, and correspondence from the leading naturalists of the day, including Darwin, Hooker, Henslow, Sedgwick and Yarrell.

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Mr Pinch’s Well

The story of Mr Pinch the brewer and the flow of Baths hot water

Mr Pinch the brewer hit the geological strata that supply hot water to the famous Roman Baths in 1835, when extending the depth of his well. This is the story of how the ensuing investigation revealed the true source of this hot water, which until then was thought to come from immediately beneath the Baths.

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Adventures of a Merchant Banker

Early photographs of China

Early photographs of China from the BRLSI archives, taken by the tea merchant and opium trader William Herbert Vacher (c1826–1899) and his wife. The Vachers’ little known photographs add intriguing insights into a country which had yet to open itself fully to western eyes and evoke a time of Empire and trade wars, when opium was at the centre of intense international negotiation and British naval activity.

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Saving the Dodo

The good works of the Brothers Duncan in Oxford and Bath

How two brothers shaped the future of the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution at a pivotal time in the nineteenth century, and transformed an antiquated museum of curiosities into the forerunner of Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum.The Duncans were quick to apply the latest scientific ideas, with museum displays and systems for classifying plants and animals developed by Linnaeus and Cuvier. The book has been compiled from a conversation between Dr Jon Whiteley, former curator of the Ashmolean, and Professor Julian Vincent.

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Bath and the Nile Explorers

The Nile Duel: Burton and Speke’s encounter in Bath, September 1864, and their Nile Duel’... which never happened

A glimpse into Victorian exploration, empire and the advancement of science – when explorers Burton, Speke and Livingstone and the President of the Royal Geographical Society, Sir Roderick Murchison, met in September 1864 for the British Association meeting in Bath.

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​The Remarkable Miss Breton

The Portrait of an Extraordinary Woman and her Adventures

Artist, archaeologist, and traveller, Adela Breton (1849-1923) made beautiful and detailed paintings of the ancient temple murals in the Yucatán Peninsula, thus preserving an invaluable record for the future. She bequeathed her archaeological objects to the BRLSI collections and her artworks to Bristol Museum, Art Gallery and Archives, and to the Victoria Art Gallery, Bath.

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