Room Hire


Please contact [email protected] for all room hire enquiries. We are only taking bookings via the office at present, due to limited capacity under current circumstances. Apologies if there's a delay in responding to your query.



  1. Client will adhere to the maximum capacity of the room as stated by BRLSI (but no more than 30 people per room -- as per regulations). Please contact Room Hire for details of final set-up arrangements.
  1. All seats at least 1 metre apart - side to side and front to back. Attendees are requested to keep their allotted seat.
  2. Attendees must not socialise with anyone they do not live with or who is not in their support bubble.
  3. All rooms cleaned and disinfected between bookings. Hand sanitiser available in reception / toilets / half-landing / each room.
  4. Clients must wear face masks in all areas of the building at all times, unless exempt for health/disability reasons or when eating/drinking.
  5. Windows and doors must be kept open as directed by the Room Hire manager to ensure adequate ventilation.
  6. Refreshments provided, along with single-use cups. Clean-up of all refreshment paraphernalia to be removed by client using bins provided.
  7. Microphones not available. It is advisable the client bring their own laptop.
  8. NHS Test and Trace in operation. Client must provide BRLSI with a list of attendees/contact phone numbers and ask those with a smartphone to check in to BRLSI with the COVID-19 app.
  9. No-one with symptoms of Covid-19 or who has been in contact with a person with symptoms should attend any event or meeting.
  10. Responsibility for following COVID regulations remains with the client once in hired room.