The Young BRLSI programme is part of the BRLSI's outreach initiative to involve all enthusiastic learners under the ages of 18 in all aspects of science and technology. Young BRLSI provides a wide variety of fun and engaging activities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) open to families and children over 8 years old throughout the Bath area.
Young BRLSI is passionate about learning and fun in a relaxing yet academic environment. These workshops are organised in a caring, safe, learning environment which gives children and young people an opportunity to practise study, research and presentation skills related to STEM. Young BRLSI endeavors to make STEM subjects accessible to as wide a community as possible.

We offer:

  • Hands On STEM workshops for children 8-11
  • The Science Cadets for children 11-13
  • The Young Researchers programme for children 14+
BRLSI also provides tailor made science workshops for local schools and other groups.
Young BRLSI works closely with local institutions of higher education in order to share resources and utilise the skills and knowledge of both academic staff and undergraduate and post graduate students who are passionate about their subjects. In addition, students from the Bath-based, world famous Norland College for Childhood Education, assist with the supervision of our workshops, making sure the children receive the very best in pastoral care.
Young BRLSI runs activities every second Saturday of the month from 1.00pm - 4.00pm October - July.

How to book a workshop

Please remember that advance booking is essential and you need to book early to guarantee a place!
  1. Send name of child with date of birth, contact telephone number and name of workshop to: [email protected]
  2. You will then receive confirmation if there is an available place
  3. You will then be invited to pay online through the BRLSI shop

FREE family fun at BRLSI
16 Queen Square
Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm until September 2nd

Visit the Riches from the Earth exhibition and use the fun family trail (devised by BRLSI Science Cadets) to go around the exhibition. 
If one of the exhibits really excites you then make a drawing or diagram and label it with all the reasons why you think it is so interesting. We will be awarding prizes for the best drawings.
Put your name and age, along with your telephone number or email address on your drawing and hand it in to reception we will enter it for the Young BRLSI scientific specimen drawing of the year competition. 

On Saturday afternoon January 20th local explorer Belinda Kirk will be coming to give the annual BRLSI Young Adventurer lecture. So we thought we would ask you to tell us about your summer 2017 adventures by sending us a postcard to BRLSI (16 Queen Square, Bath, BA1 2HN) telling us about one of your adventures. It doesn't need to be in an exotic place. It just needs to be interesting. You don't need to put your postcard in a postbox you can just hand them at BRLSI reception.
If you can't fit all the details on the postcard use cross writing to double the space. Don’t know what cross writing is? Come in to 16 Queen Square and find out before you write your card.
Prizes will be awarded for the most original and interesting adventure and description.


Winners will be announced on Saturday September 9th at the BRLSI Open Doors Day event, when there will be a prize-giving ceremony at BRLSI for all the winners.  The Mayor will present the prizes.

Also don't forget that 4 self guided family trails are available at reception. Members of Young BRLSI devised them. They start and finish at the BRLSI and take about an hour to complete. You can buy each trail for 50p. Try either the Geology Trail, the Tree Trail in Victoria Park the the Science trail and using your imagination follow the trail in the footsteps of Adelard. He was a  Norman scientist who lived and worked in Bath in the early 12th century and made Bath one of the most important centres for learning in Europe. One of these adventurous walks could be a reason for sending us a postcard. The Science Cadets would be thrilled to receive your report.

Autumn Programme 2017

7 October

2016-17 Young Researchers Presentation Conference at Bath University 1:30pm  Lecture Theatre 3E 2.2 FREE.  To be opened by Wera Hobhouse MP, in the presence of the Mayor. All the Young Researchers will be presenting their findings and the 2016-2017 Young Researcher Report publication will be launched.   Please RSVP to [email protected]

14 October 

'Hands On' STEM Workshop: Sustainable Energy with Nikki Pillinger

Find out about different types of renewable energy, and why we need renewable energy. What is climate change and what causes it? How does each of the main renewable technologies work?Judge which is best. There will be hands on activities and everyone will get a chance to build their own mini tech.

Science Cadets: Digi-Bits with University of Bristol Computer Dept

Program a simple version of the classic Space Invaders game on the BBC Micro:bit using the online Microsoft Block Editor (Scratch style interface). The BBC Micro:bit is a small but powerful computer, used to teach basic programming and computer science principles. This workshop aims to teach some of these principles as well as the basics of programming with the Micro:bit.

Young Researchers

First session of new programme. Getting to know us and our Research. If you join Young Researchers you need to be attend on the 2nd Saturday of every month.

8 November

For Volunteers and to be held at University of Bath, with Graphic Science 1:30pm DBS clearance and STEM Ambassador Induction Training

11 November

'Hands On' STEM Workshop: Trees Workshop with Henry Ford
Find out about plant shapes, growth patterns and  discover the underlying rules of the modular construction that  determine plant growth, behaviour, and shape.  Look carefully at leaves and branches of big trees and small plants and the basic functions of the plant.
and concurrently:
'Hands On' STEM Workshop: Sculpted by Gravity with Simon Holbeche
From the small to the unimaginably massive, everything we see is the way it is due to the gentle touch or unstoppable tug of gravity. We'll explore its effects from asteroids, planetoids, suns, black holes, galaxies, galaxy clusters and filaments between superclusters. We'll look at places to escape its influence and how we can simulate it to get to Mars safely.
Science Cadets: The Microbiology project part 1 with Lisa Buddrus. Use the digital, video microscope to find out about DNA and loads of other things
Young Researchers: Research Techniques

9 December

'Hands On' STEM Workshop: Adelard of Bath a fun workshop of Norman Science in conjunction with University of Bath. Find out about Adelard the Norman Scientist. Gaze into the Stellarium and see the heavens. Find out about the early computers that Adelard brought back from the Middle East. Come and find out how to use the Abacus and the Astrolabe and much more. 
Science Cadets: The Microbiology project part 2 with Lisa Buddrus. Devising projects
Young Researchers: Recording results

Other events

Philosophy Seminars for 6th Formers: Wednesdays after school November to December

Family Trails

BRLSI also sells illustrated self-guided family trails (50p each) which have been devised by members of Young BRLSI. Each trail lasts approximately one hour:
Adelard of Bath - takes you around the Norman city, which England's first Mathematician knew well
Tree Gazers Trail in Victoria Park - helps you identify a score of celebrated and, in some cases, champion trees
Geology Trail - helps you identify some amazing rocks brought back from all around the world and used in the building of some of Bath's notable buildings in the centre of the city
Science Trail - visit sites in the centre of Bath associated with famous Bath Scientists
The Trails are available at BRLSI reception or you can buy online via the BRLSI shop.

Youth Gallery

If you want to see pictures of previous Young BRLSI activities, BRLSI Young Researchers, BRLSI Science Cadets and 'hands on workshops' go to  which will take you to a gallery of photographs for the workshop or activity of your choice.

Please note all photographs on this site are copyright and MUST not be downloaded or used without written permission from Young BRLSI.

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